Happy family

Happy family

Saturday, 7 March 2015

A New Beginning....

Assalamualaikum wbt and good morning.

It has been more than one year since I last wrote here. A year full of ups and downs. I don't really know how to start this entry. Should I tell you in summary what has been happening? Or do I forget the past and just move on with this new chapter in my life?

Unless you've been following me on IG or FB, the last experience that I have shared with you was my first trimester. I guess it is better to just give you a quick summary. At 14 weeks, I found out 2 things. 1) I was going to have a son. 2) I have placenta previa - I did bleed a little twice. So the whole pregnancy I had to stay at home, mainly in my room since I was not supposed to use the stairs. Health wise, it was great. I managed to control my sugar level. Second and third trimester HBa1C was 6.2 and 6.4 respectively, Overall weight gained was about 9kg, which I shed off after one week of confinement.

My son, Adam Muqorrabin, was supposed to be born by elective C-section at 38 weeks because of the placenta previa. However, I had never stop praying that the placenta would move out of the way. At 37 weeks+, the placenta had moved. Both my doctor and I were surprised. Given that Adam's weight had not increased for 2 weeks, doctor said we better induce. I agreed on the induction but then after a few hours, I got my sign and started to have minor contraction. We went to the hospital at 1 am and waited for the doctor for 5 hours. At that point I didn't want an induction since I was already in labour. My husband has been monitoring my sugar level. It had been consistently low but not dangerous, around 3.5-4.0, So I've been eating dates throughout the night.

Doctor came just before subuh, checked my opening, and inserted the meds without discussing anything with me. I didn't know she was going to use that route of induction. I was in so much pain. I wanted to get up, wash myself and perform solat Subuh. But the nurses and midwife prevented me from moving, even after CTG was finished. I was really frustrated but didn't have the energy to argue with them. Doctor came and checked on the CTG and said my baby was in distress, we need to operate now. My heart sanked. They started to hurry to prepare me but I excused myself and went to perform solat subuh first. I was not ready to go through a surgery but I had no choice.

The anest (pakar bius) put in a line into my vein. It hurts so much. Then the nurse inserted catheter, it hurts even more. I had been on their end, I know you can do lines and insert catheter without hurting the patients. Then came the meds. I didn't know what they have given me but my head started to feel heavy and I can't think straight. I was so angry. I kept asking them about the meds and even said I am a doctor. Please tell me what you have given me. But they didn't. They wheeled me into the operation theater and had a male nurse hold me down for my Spinal anesthetic. It was supposed to be an all female team. I was already pissed off about the meds and the blow keeps coming. He strapped me down on the table and I started to fight. I removed the restrain on my arms. I was fightig because I didn't feel safe. My head was in the clouds, which shouldn't have happened. I've made myself clear that even in surgery, I want to witness my son being born. Nothing felt right and I kept fighting..

The next thing I know, I woke with aches and stiffness all over my body and my mom came to me holding a baby. In my mind, I was asking, who is this baby? This can't be mine. I am just about to give birth. Then I hold my stomach and realized that I've missed the whole thing. I felt robbed. I was sad and confused. My baby looks confuse too. He didn't latch. I tried and tried but it was useless. I felt as if he didn't recognize me too. The nurse said they will give him formula. I didn't want to and ask them to check his sugar level. Since the sugar level was low, I had to agree but asked them to give him cup or syringe feeding. Later I found out, they still gave him bottle. The three days I was in the hospital, Adam didn't latch at all and I didn't produce any milk.

For the next 2 months, I was on the verge of post-partum depression. I was struggling with breastfeeding and bonding with my son. Adam was so small and didn't gain much weight. At 1 month he had a bad skin infection, originated from a small lesion he has had from birth, which his doctor said, nothing to worry about. I brought Adam to see a different paediatrician and was basically accused of neglect because of his weight. She said Adam should be in a hospital. I can't described how horrible I was feeling then.

Many things had happened since. But that was the moment that I started not caring about anything else, but Adam. I stopped thinking about career. All I wanted was for Adam to be healthy. If you've followed me on my Ig or FB, you would see how obsessive I am about my Adam. I can't help it. I really can't believed that I've "written" down this experience. I've thought about it, played it in my head over and over again, but was never able to tell it to someone else. There are some parts that I have left out. I tried talking to my doctor about what had happened and all she said was "You were having hypos". So, end of the story. I can't argue. I'm not here to put blame.

This has tormented me for so long. It even affected my relationship with my baby. I do believe in Qada and Qadar. I know there is a reason behind everything. I guess I have found mine, I never understood how some women are very into gentle birth, until I've experienced this. And I since learnt that many others had similar experience of feeling powerless during birth. It does matter how you deliver your baby into this world. It affects you and your baby.

This Monday, insyaAllah, I will start my new journey. I will be attending a course to become a Hypnobirthing educator and doula. Later this year, I will attend the course to become a breastfeeding consultant and an infant massage therapist. I hope I can educate and help other women to be empowered during birth and have easier child birth and parenthood experience than what I had. I am still an Herbalife coach. Will be insyaAllah forever. Just that for now, my focus will be more on pregnancy, birth and babies. These were my passion as a medical student, and now, I have found my way back. I am also selling these wonderful baby food (puree) made with love by my cousin. No preservatives, no sugar, no salt, for busy parents that want their children to get all the good nutrition nature can give. More info will be available on my FB.

Happily sitting in my freezer. New stock. :)
Until we meet again. Thank you for reading. To my family and friends, do support my new journey, ya. Wslm.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My First Pregnancy ~ First Trimester ~

Assalamualaikum dan Happy New Year.

Alhamdulillah sedar tak sedar kita dah melangkah masuk ke tahun 2014. Alhamdulillah kita masih lagi bernafas dan dapat mensyukuri nikmat hidup yang Allah berikan kepada kita. I've been wanting to post about my pregnancy for the whole December but somehow memang sesangat takde mood nak menulis. Tak tahu lah kenapa. But today, dengan matahari pagi yg indah di luar tingkat, angin sepoi2 bahasa dan shake strawberry sejuk yg dikisar bersama ais dan susu strawberry HL, membuatkan diri ini berasa seperti berada di tepi pantai yang indah. eceehhh.. tak boleh blah.. tu yg tetiba ada mood nak menulis ni.

Saya rasa ramai lagi blogger di luar sana akan mengadap laptop masing2 untuk update azam tahun baru dan sebagainya. Saya pun ada hati nak bercakap tentang resolusi 2014. Tapi kalau semua orang cakap pasal benda yang sama mcm tak best lah skit kan.. So alang-alang mood tengah berbunga2 ni, saya nak cakap pasal si comel saya yang kuat menendang dalam perut ni. Ok dak? :)

Bagi yang dah baca entry sebelum ni, which is My First Pregnancy ~ Introduction ~ , you would know that I found out about my pregnancy on my 28th birthday, 14 Ogos 2013, iaitu dalam seminggu raya Aidilfitri. Kan saya gain weight kan waktu tengah trying to conceive tu.. So waktu saudara mara datang rumah untuk raya, ramai lah yang mengomen saya dah gain weight. Bila orang komen dah berisi je, saya jawab "orang pregnant lah".. So instead of nak mengusik/mengejek, bertukarlah menjadi "congrats!!! alhamdulillah... patutlah nampak berisi..." hehehe.. bijak tak? kui kui kui... Kiranya sebulan raya tu seronok lah with all the warm wishes from family and close friends. Dapat makan lebih skit.. Waktu ni masih mood celebrating lagi..

Selit gambar raya sikit ~ My family

Masuk 6 weeks of pregnancy, dah mula stress cari doctor and hospital. I am a little bit obsessive bile tengah decide on something. Kadang-kadang fikir satu benda sampai tak tidur malam. I would go over it again and again sampai betul2 puas hati. Dari sebelum kahwin lagi memang dah decide nak pegi hospital swasta bila pregnant dan bersalin. Cumanya tak tahu nak ke mana. So for a couple of weeks memang dok buat internet research and bertanya kepada kawan2 tentang who is the best OnG doctor. Saya mencari doktor pakar perempuan dan yang banyak pengalaman dengan diabetic mothers.

Sebabnya, being a pregnant diabetic is not an easy task. Ramai type 1 diabetic yang describe being pregnant as a fulltime job. Sangat banyak monitoring and effort yang kene buat untuk kekal sihat. Diabetic pregnancy adalah high risk pregnancy, bukan normal pregnancy. Sebab banyak risiko kepada baby dan juga mommy. Orang selalu cakap pasal baby besar je. Sedangkan banyak lagi risiko seperti high risk mommy dapat darah tinggi semasa pregnant, baby dapat sakit jantung, baby tak sempurna kejadian dan banyak lagi termasuk risiko gugur. So lagi banyak buat research pasal diabetic and pregnancy lagi cuak dibuatnya. So sangatlah obsessive dalam membuat keputusan doktor mana yang akan menjadi pakar sakit puan saya.

Alhamdulillah dalam banyak2 doctor, terpanggil untuk check out Dr M. So pergilah ke klinik dia untuk buat appointment. Kakak receptionist kata kat sini sebulan baru boleh dapat appointment. Tapi bila dia dapat tahu ada diabetes, terus dia bagi appointment minggu yang sama. First appointment kena tunggu dalam 3-4 jam rasanya baru dapat jumpa doctor. Saya dah biasa dah sebab selalu kene gi hospital jumpa doktor pakar diabetik/ endocrinologist. Tapi cik abang tak biasa menunggu. Memang kelakar lah tengok dia resah dan gelisah tunggu lama2. First time jumpa doctor rasa sejuk je hati. Doctor sangat lemah lembut, banyak sharing dan bagi nasihat, amalkan ayat-ayat quran.. Very islamic lah dalam kata lain nya. So hati sudah terpaut... Tapi bila dapat bil, rasa macam mampu ke nak bayar ni. High risk pregnancy jumpa doctor every 2 weeks in the first trimester.. Sekali jumpa RM300-RM400. So cakap kat abang "takpelah bang, kita cari doctor lain je lah". Pastu abang cakap "Kenapa pulak? Suka kan doctor ni... Pasal duit tak yah risau, abang boleh usahakan. Yang penting awak dan baby kita selamat" waaaaaa nak nangis je waktu tu.. Happy sangat.. Terharu sangat... Waktu ni terasa macam I'm the luckiest woman on earth. T_T

But truly people were not exaggerating when they said diabetic pregnancy is a full time job. Seriously banyak kali kene gi jumpa doctor - pakar sakit puan 2 minggu sekali, pakar endocrine sebulan sekali, pastu ada kena check mata lagi, blood test lagi.. Memang berjam-jam spend kat hospital dan klinik. Check blood sugar, sebelum pregnant 4-5 kali sehari, waktu pregnant 8-10 kali sehari. Setiap kali jumpa doktor endocrine kene bebel pasal jaga makan, use less insulin, cut down your carbs etc. Memang sakit otak. Ongkos nya jugak memang terbaik. Test strip je untuk cek gula hari2 tu dah beratus. 50 test strips bertahan 5-6 hari, RM85 paling murah. Tak paham betul nape kat Malaysia mahal benar test strips ni. So sebulan RM400-500 untuk tu aje. Kat sini nak selit sikit. Siapa yang sihat tu, yang normal pregnancy tu, please please please jaga pemakanan anda. Janganlah makan melampau sangat sampai dapat gestational diabetes. Susah tau tak hidup ada kecing manis ni. Sila lah mensyukuri nikmat kesihatan yg Allah dah beri tu. Sekian.

Macam saya cakap tadi, saya kena jaga pemakanan sepanjang pregnant. Dr M kata "if you want a healthy pregnancy, you need to eat rationally. You cannot eat emotionally like other pregnant women". Ingat senang ke???? Dah lah hormonal kan waktu2 pregnant ni.. Emotion macam roller coaster. Air mata laju je nak keluar waktu first trimester tu. Sensitive tak hengat punya.. Pastu kena makan rationally?? Argh.....

So saya yang baik ni, kerana sayangkan anak, makanlah rationally. Pagi makan Herbalife seperti biasa dan breakfast roti/bihun goreng/nasi lemak. Bergantung apa yang ayah dan ibu makan pagi. Sebelum pregnant sangat jarang makan nasi lemak sebab memang tak suka pun makan nasi lemak. Tapi waktu pregnant ni rasa nasi lemak sedap pulak. hehe.. Tengah hari dan malam most of the time makan sandwich - wholemeal bread, salad, timun, tomato dan telur/cheese. In between meal makan buah, sayur atau oats. First trimester memang jaga pemakanan terbaik lah.. Alhamdulillah Allah bantu. Saya takde mengidam-mengidam. Takde morning sickness. Setakat rasa loya sikit tu ada lah. Tapi takde muntah. Cuma hidung super sensitive. Tak tahan bau lauk pauk. So kalau makan lauk pun mainly makan sayur2, telur dan sometimes ikan. Yang lain tak lalu. Alhamdulillah ada Herbalife, so dah cukup dah keperluan nutrition seharian. Takdelah risau kan eventho tak lalu makan.

Makan supplement tak? Makan... Makan calcium (+vitamin D) Herbalife, Omega 3 Herbalife, folic acid dari doctor dan Iron supplement dari doctor. Folic acid sangat penting ye untuk sistem saraf baby. Kalau kurang folic acid, nanti baby boleh lahir dengan sistem saraf yang tak tertutup, dalam kata lain nya otak terbuka. Mostly baby tak survive. So semestinya saya makan folic acid yang doctor bagi, 5mg sehari. Yang penting, keselamatan dan kesihatan baby. Anugerah Allah ni, kena jaga betul-betul.

Kena inject insulin gak ke? Kena.... Type 1 diabetes ni tak boleh baik, setakat ni tak pernah lagi ada orang sembuh type 1 diabetes. Kalau tak inject insulin boleh mati. Baby tak apa2 insyaAllah. Baby dalam rahim, injection kat lapisan lemak kat perut. Jauh daripada baby. Kalau tak inject insulin lagi bahaya untuk baby.

Alhamdulillah, besides rigorous blood sugar monitoring and penjagaan pemakanan yang terbaik, my first trimester went smoothly. By the end of first trimester, HBA1c (purata gula dalam darah dalam 3 bulan) was 6.1 which is excellent!!!!!!!  Doktor pun sangat happy. So check up dikurangkan kepada setiap 3 minggu. Baby pun sihat, sama macam normal pregnany. Total berat naik: 0.7kg. Yeay!! Alhamdulillah.. Masuk minggu ke 13 iaitu second trimester dengan sangat happy dan hopeful. Second trimester macam-macam lagi cerita menarik. Ceh poyo je. InsyaAllah akan disambung di lain masa.

Sampai kita berjumpa lagi. Saya berharap setiap daripada kita ada keazaman untuk mengubah cara pemakanan, cara hidup dan kesihatan kita ke arah yang lebih baik tahun ini. Be a better person, be a better muslim. Take care and wslm.

For free wellness evaluation and coaching on losing weight/ Herbalife as nutrition for pregnancy, please contact me at 013-4915590. Thanks.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My First Pregnancy ~ Introduction ~

Assalamualaikum wbt

The last time I posted something here was almost 6 months ago, I believe it was just before Ramadhan. It is Muharram now. To be specific, the second day of Muharram.  A new year in the Islamic calender. Banyak yang dah berlaku dalam beberapa bulan ni. Yang paling besar, yang paling significant adalah I am now a pregnant lady, alhamdulillah.

Before I start, from now on, my entry will be a mixture of english language and bahasa melayu. That is just how I think. If I need to translate everything that I am thinking into bahasa melayu before typing it out, I wouldn't be able to express what I want. So, sorry kalau memeningkan kepala korang k.

Back to my story. I have been dreaming of being pregnant since I was 16 years old. Haha muda2 dah berangan nak mengandung kan... If you had known me from my school years, you wont be surprised by this statement. For some reasons, I had been husband hunting since a very young age. At 16, I had given up. I was sick of men because they were so immature. I said to myself "Malas lah nak fikir dah". The next week I was sent to Kem Kepimpinan Pengawas Negeri Selangor at Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong. Setiap sekolah di negeri selangor menghantar seorang wakil, pengawas yang mempunyai potensi paling besar untuk menjadi ketua pengawas bagi tahun berikutnya.

The ratio of men to women there was huge. I think it was about 10 men for every woman. So just when I had decided to stop thinking about men, I was surrounded by so many of them. Semuanya orang2 yang mempunyai sifat kepimpinan, keyakinan dan keterampilan yang hebat. Dugaan giler. But really I wasn't looking for my man at that time. Ditakdirkan Allah, di situ lah saya berjumpa dengan suami saya, Sabran Jamil Ab Razak, from Gombak Setia, my rival school.

Dipendekkan cerita, we kept in touch by mail (surat ye) and house phone. Zaman tu orang tak pakai handphone lagi. After 1-2 months, we said to each other, we will stop contacting each other unless this relationship is going somewhere. Waktu tu just before Ramadhan. Starting Ramadhan, kami istikarah selama 3 bulan. I don't have his picture so I don't actually remember his face. But through my istikarah, I saw a man standing besides me with a little baby girl in my arms. Later on I found out by accident that that man was after all, my Sabran. So from that moment on, I have been waiting to meet my little girl. I have been picturing myself being pregnant with her. I even have a name for her since then.

Ok panjang tak intro? Kalau ade grammatical error tu buat2 tak nampak je lah ye. Dah lama sgt saya tak menulis, in both languages.

We wanted to get married right away after SPM tapi sah sah lah tak boleh kan. Then I went to KMB and he went to KDU. We both wanted to do Medic together and we had chosen NZ as our destination. I went first and I thought he would follow me. He ended up going to Jordan to do syariah/usul fiqh. I was heart broken when I heard the news. I thought that was the end of us. There is no way a long distance relationship would work. But it did. We got married about a year later. PJJ (perkawinan jarak jauh) selama 3 tahun. Then he came to NZ in 2009. I was so excited because I thought finally I can get pregnant. The same year, NZ passes a law that if an International student gets pregnant during her study, she will be send home to her country. So again, we had to wait. I was supposed to graduate in early 2011, but I got sick with graves disease (hyperthyroid). I was put on Carbimazole and was told you should not get pregnant while you are on this medication. It would be for about 1 to 2 years. Again, I was heart broken. On top of my type 1 diabetes, I now have another medical problem that is ruining my life. I cried non-stop for 2 days.

It was hard then. I really can't see my future. What lies ahead of me. It was all so very blurry. I had to stop studying for about 10 months. That was when I came back to Malaysia and was introduced to Herbalife. That is one hikmah that I can gather from what had happened. I went back to NZ to finish my study in April 2012 and completed my study in August 2012. Graduated in December 2012 at home because it was just too expensive to fly back to NZ. During those rocky times, I still hope to become a mother but with all of my medical complication, I wasn't allowed to.

In February 2013 (this year), I decided to ignore my medical condition. I am going to try and get pregnant anyway. Even without my doctor's permission. I really thought it would be easy. My mom got pregnant right away after she got married. She has 7 children. So I thought I would just easily followed her footstep. I was certainly wrong. It was hard. Every 21 days I would cry because I got my menses. It was so stressful and menyiksakan jiwa dan raga. In May, I discussed with my Endocrinologist about stopping my medication. Since my thyroid level has been normal for the past few checks, she allowed me to stop my medication. At that moment, I told myself "Now, I can certainly get pregnant". Again, I was wrong. I started eating so much because  I was very stressed out. All the weight that I have lost previously, I had gained again plus 1 extra kg. It was so bad, I know. I was super miserable that I just didn't know how to handle it.

A few things happened then.
1) I read an article or it could just have been a status update by one of my mentors in Herbalife - Ina. She said, if you are trying to conceive, eat healthily and a lot of Herbalife products. That, I did. I consumed about 4 to 5 shakes, 2 times NW formula, 10 omega 3, plenty of aloe and teamix every day. It was freaking expensive to consumed that amount of products every day but I really didn't care. At that point, my mind is only on one thing - to get pregnant.

2) I started going to gym. I think I only managed to go twice before Ramadhan. I had to stop during Ramadhan because I was afraid my blood sugar would drop too low.

3) The last 10 days of Ramadhan, I heard on TV. An ustaz was telling the audience, "Kalau puan-puan nak mengandung, inilah masa yang terbaik. Doa banyak2. Jangan putus berharap. InsyaAllah, lepas raya nanti ramai yang dah mengandung"

Sejak dari itu, saya tak putus doa. Doa nak mengandung je.. Tak ingat dah kalau saya sempat doa pasal benda lain. Yang pasti, tak henti-henti saya doa nak mengandung. The first week of raya, I went to the doctor to check whether I was preganant. There wasn't actually any real indication. I did urine pregnancy test 1 week before and it was negative. Even when the odds were against me, I didn't care. I went for an ultrasound scan on my birthday. The doctor said " your uterus is empty but your walls looks like a pregnant lady's". She did a urine test for me and for the first time in my life, there were TWO lines. I really couldn't believed my eyes. She was surprised too. So she did a blood test to reconfirmed and after three very long days, it was confirmed that I was pregnant. It was still too early to be detected by scan but I was soooo happy. That was the best birthday present I had ever received in my life. At 28 years old, my dream finally came true. My little miracle. My lalilatulqadar baby.

It has been such a long road to motherhood. This pregnancy has not been one smooth ride. But that is for another day. Kita sambung lain kali k.

Oh ye, I wish to thank my best friend Nadiah and my husband, Sabran. Dua orang ni lah yang memaksa saya untuk menulis semula. Nadiah said "Tulislah kat blog ili semua perasaan ili. Semua apa yang berlaku sekarang. Orang zaman sekarang dah tak tulis diary dah".. Huhu.. InsyaAllah saya akan cuba gunakan blog ni sebaik mungkin untuk berkongsi segala yang berlaku. Manalah tahu, ada orang yang akan manfaat dpd kisah hidup saya. Till next time, take care and all the best!!

wslm wbt.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Puasa, Ramadhan, menjaga kesihatan dan Herbalife.

Assalamualaikum wbt. Have you had your shake today?

12 hari lagi kita akan didatangi oleh bulan yang mulia, yang sangat dinantikan oleh semua muslim iaitu bulan Ramadhan. Ramadhan adalah bulan untuk kita meningkatkan amal ibadat kita, bulan dimana ganjaran pahala ibadat sunat seperti pahala ibadat wajib manakala ibadat wajib berkali-kali ganda pahalanya. Semoga Allah memanjangkan umur kita untuk kita merasai kenikmatan beribadat di bulan Ramadhan tahun ini.

Saya nak ajak kita lihat kembali sirah Rasulullah saw. Perang-perang besar di dalam Islam, banyak berlaku dalam bulan Ramadhan. Contohnya perang Badar, persiapan untuk perang Khandak dan pembukaan Kota Mekah. Bayangkan kita berpuasa lepas tu kena pergi berperang, kena gali parit mengelilingi kota Madinah dalam panas terik atau berjalan kaki dari Madinah ke Mekah. Perjalanan dari Madinah ke Mekah kalau naik bas pun dah dalam 8 jam. Ini kan pula berjalan kaki. Pergh.. Memang mencabar. Rasa sangat kagum dengan kesungguhan dan tenaga umat Islam zaman Rasulullah saw.

Selain daripada faktor keimanan yang tinggi, pada pandangan saya, cara pemakanan yang diajarkan oleh Rasulullah saw memainkan peranan yang penting dalam kemantapan tenaga sahabat. Korang rasa macam tu jugak tak? Sebenarnya minggu lepas saya baru belajar tentang cara pemakanan Rasulullah saw. Tu yang excited nak share tu. Lagi-lagi lah nak masuk bulan Ramadhan ni. Saya share sedikit ye. Mana lah tahu ada yang dapat manfaat daripada sharing saya ni.
Rasulullah saw selalu berbuka dengan makan kurma dan susu. Kan? Bila kita tak makan lebih daripada 8 jam, contohnya waktu kita berpuasa dan juga waktu kita tidur malam, gula dalam darah kita turun hingga rendah daripada paras normal sebab tu kita rasa sangat lapar. Also, perut kita berada dalam keadaan yang berasid sebab tu mulut kita berbau dan kita boleh dapat gastric kalau selalu tak makan. Kurma dan susu adalah makanan yang sangat baik untuk dimakan sebab kurma adalah gula ringkas - fructose yang boleh serap terus oleh usus, dan kedua-dua makanan ni adalah makanan berakali. Bila asid jumpa alkali jadi neutral. Takde lah sakit perut lepas makan. Kalau asid jumpa asid, jadi sakit perut. Apa contoh makanan berasid? Antara makanan yang berasid adalah yang tinggi carbs (seperti nasi, roti, mee), tinggi lemak dan tinggi gula (seperti biskut, kek, kuih, air manis). Makanan berasid ni disukai oleh sel-sel tak baik dalam badan kita. Tu yang nanti akan membawa kepada macam2 penyakit seperti kanser.

So kesimpulannya apa? Kesimpulannya, kita sebaiknya makan makanan yang kurang lemak, gula dan carbohydrate untuk sarapan (sahur dalam bulan Ramadhan) dan berbuka puasa. Sebab tu lah saya dan suami pilih Herbalife sebagai makanan sahur dan berbuka kami. Jeng jeng jeng.. Hehe ada tak orang stress dengar statement ni? huhu

Kami suka berpuasa dengan Herbalife. Abang kata rasa bertenaga sampai petang. Dalam pukul 3-4 petang baru perut nak berkeroncong. Kalau sahur makan nasi, tak sampai tengah hari dah berlagu2 dah perut. Pastu abang dah tak tidur siang lama-lama dah bila berpuasa, tidur qailulah je. Malam lepas terawikh siap boleh pergi main futsal lagi. Baru-baru ni customer kami yang dah berhenti makan Herbalife nak order semula Herbalife. Dia nak makan untuk bersahur dan berbuka nanti. Sebab tahun lepas dia puasa makan Herbalife dia rasa bertenaga. Sekali dah berpuasa dengan Herbalife mesti nak lagi. Betul best........

Kenapa nak makan Herbalife bulan puasa ni:
  • Kekal bertenaga
  • Nutrition lengkap untuk badan walaupun berpuasa
  • Lebih mudah turun berat badan dan shaping terbaik
  • Mudah disediakan. Cuma perlu produk, air dan shaker/blender. Tak perlu masak pagi2
So, apa tunggu lagi. Jom bersahur dan berbuka dengan Herbalife!!!!!!!
cop cop cop.... tak ajar lagi cane nak makan Herbalife waktu puasa kan? Ish ish ish nasib tak terlupa. Begini caranya:
Cukup besar tak gambar? hehe.. Yang saya buat tahun lepas macam ni lah. Waktu sahur, selalunya saya bangun extra awal. Yelah nama pun Ramadhan kan.. Mestilah nak qiam sekali. So bangun je saya minum aloevera. Pastu tahajjud dulu baru minum teh. Pastu solat witir kalau belum witir lagi. Lepas witir baru saya buat shake. Cane saya buat shake untuk bersahur? Macam ni:

Blend 2 sudu formula 1 strawberry + 1 sudu formula 3 + 2 sudu rolled oats + 1 biji epal hijau saiz kecil + segenggam blueberry/strawberry/raspberry dalam 300ml air sejuk + 100ml susu soya tanpa gula +100ml jus tanpa gula dan ais. Terbaik!!! Macam2 tak khazanah dalam shake saya? Serious sangat best. Abang punya shake pulak selalunya shake chcolate blend dengan pisang dalam air sejuk dan ais. Saya je suka letak seribu satu benda dalam shake saya. Kalau nak buat shake kosong je pun xde masalah. Lagi cepat turun berat badan. Formula 3 pun tak wajib. Siapa ada boleh lah pakai. Yang penting air kosong kena minum ye. Saya minum selalunya 1L air kosong sebelum masuk waktu subuh. Abang selalu minum 2L. Lupa nak cakap, lepas shake kami makan kurma. Kadang2 blend sekali kurma dalam shake. No problem.

Berbuka pulak, saya makan kurma, then aloevera, then teamix. Lepas tu solat maghrib. Lepas maghrib baru saya shake. Shake saya buat kaw kaw sama jugak macam waktu sahur tu. Kalau saya lapar sangat, saya makan shake sebelum solat maghrib. Lepas isya/terawikh, baru makan makanan berat. Untuk yang dalam program turun berat badan, janganlah makan banyak2 carbs pulak. Lebihkan sayuran, buah2an dan lauk. Kurangkan nasi. Sekali sekala kalau orang jamu makan, saya akan berbuka dengan kurma dan aloevera. Then makan makanan biasa. Lepas terawikh, saya minum teh dan shake. Takde masalah makan shake sebelum tidur. Air kosong jangan lupa ye. Seperti biasa, setiap 25kg berat badan kena minum 1L air kosong. Nak lagi cepat turun berat badan, minum lagi banyak. As simple as that.

Ok lah. Panjang bebenor pulak entry kali ni. Sampai hypo separuh jalan menulis, kena berhenti makan. Betul...ini bukan gurauan ini betul2.. 
Saya harap lepas ni ramai lagi orang yang akan bersahur dan berbuka dengan Herbalife. Saya sangat2 recommend. Jomlah sertai kami "Sihat bertenaga di bulan puasa, langsing bergaya di hari raya"!!!! Nak lagi power lagi, boleh sertai Weight Loss Challenge kami. InsyaAllah semua saudara mara dan sahabat handai terkejut badak bila jumpa raya nanti. Dah selim terim dah... Nak join? Boleh... Just contact saya di 0134915590 atau suami saya, Sabran 0142293519.

Sehingga berjumpa lagi... wslm wbt

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Weekend activities - Singapore trip

Assalamualaikum wbt

Have you had your shake today?? Dah? Alhamdulillah... Yang belum tu mesti sebab belum start makan Herbalife kan.. xpe2 no problem. Nanti bila nak makan just give me a call k. The sooner the better..
Hihi excited pulak kan intro entry ni.. Yelah, baru balik dari training Blake Morgan. Baru lepas recharge bateri. Positive energy indicator - Fully Charged! Yeay! Serius seronok pergi training Herbalife. Sangat banyak belajar. Weekend as an Herbalifer memang busy. Penuh dengan customer day (STS) dan juga personal development training.

Siapa kenal Blake Morgan? Blake dah 30 tahun dalam Herbalife. Dia memulakan Herbalife pada usia 17 tahun. Blake tak habis high school pun. Dulu dia bekerja sebagai tukang potong rumput. Nak isi minyak kereta pun xmampu. Kereta buruk je pun. Dia cerita penah sekali dia drive kereta dia, naik bumper, pintu tercabut. Huhu punyalah dah berkarat dan lama kereta dia.. Waktu tu nak isi minyak kereta pun tak mampu. Sebab tu dia join Herbalife. Nak cari duit extra untuk isi minyak kereta. Dia kerja dengan kuat tanpa mengenal putus asa. Sekarang, dia ada business di serata dunia, dah melawat 74 buah negara. Amazing.. Pendapatan dia tak yah cakap lah.. Ratus-ratus ribu sebulan. $_$

Jadi kenapa saya cerita tentang Blake? Sebabnya saya nak tunjukkan yang Herbalife adalah untuk semua orang. Jangan bagi alasan saya tak pandai cakap, saya takde duit, saya cume kerja dot n dot, saya nye pendidikan cume dot n dot... Semua tu takde maknanye dalam Herbalife. Yang penting kita ingin berjaya dan mahu belajar daripada orang lain, serta sanggup bekerja kuat, insyaAllah boleh jadi setaraf dengan Blake Morgan. Caye tak? Kalau nak caya lagi meh kita jumpa esok. Saya ada kat STS (customer day) di Marriott Hotel Putrajaya. PM je kat fb atau sms saya. Saya jamin kalau kamu datang esok, dengan niat ingin berubah dan belajar, insyaAllah, esok adalah turning point dalam hidup kamu.  Percayalah......

Waktu ni minggu lepas, saya, suami dan rakan-rakan jurulatih (coaches) Weight Loss Challenge yang lain berada di Singapore. Kami ke Singapore untuk belajar lebih lagi tentang sistem pertandingan turun berat badan dan Fit Club yang dijalankan di sana. Untuk pengetahuan semua, setiap bulan kami menganjurkan pertandingan turun berat badan (Weight Loss Challenge, WLC) di kelab nutrisi kami - Nutricity Melawati. System yang kami guna pakai diolah daripada system MWS di Singapore. Jadi kami ke sana untuk belajar dengan lebih mendalam. Dalam Herbalife dan dalam kehidupan, proses pembelajaran tidak pernah berhenti.

Saya dan suami bertolak pada khamis malam. Bermalam di Kulai sebelum meneruskan perjalanan ke Singapore pada hari Jumaat. Sangat lucu perjalanan kami. Kami berdua tak pernah drive ke Singapore. Tak tahu pun peraturan dan apa yang diperlukan untuk ke Singapore dan semasa berada di sana. Main pergi menonong je. Kami ikut jambatan kedua. Sampai sana, immigration minta kad immigration. Abang dan saya terpinga-pinga. "Kad apa?" hehe... Pegawai immigration Singapore pun pergilah ambil kan kad immigration untuk kami isi - yang sepatutnye kami isi sebelum masuk Singapore. huhuhu.. Masuk-masuk Singapore semua orang drive slow je. Abang pun terpaksa lah drive slow.. Rasa kelakar pun ada sebab semua nombor plate mula dengan S. Ada beberapa J. Kami je W. Dah lah kereta penuh perkataan Herbalife. Mencapub habis. Eh lupe lak tak tunjuk lagi gambar kereta kami kan.. Nak tengok? Jeng jeng jeng...

Pewitt pewitt... gempaks tak? Sogan eden... Nampak tak nama saya sebesar-besarnya kat bumper kereta tu? Kahkahkah... Suamiku punya kerja lah tu... So bayangkan pusing-pusing Singapore dengan kereta yang sangat menarik perhatian ni.. Dengan namaku di tayang-tayang.. Uwaaa.... Tak habis cerita lagi ni.. Menerukkan keadaan lagi, kami ke Universal Studio Singapore terus sesampai di Singapore tu. Terus je masuk area parking. Tup-tup kene masukkan kad parking, Cash Card. Mana lah kami nak ada kan.... So kena lah tunggu pegawai kat situ datang ke kereta kami. Lama k tunggu. Semua kereta lalu lalang tepi kami. Dalam tempat parking pun dua-dua orang pakai cermin mata hitam. Konon control macho lah dah kantoi tu. Nasib baik pakcik tu baik hati. Dia bagi masuk je ke USS. Dia suruh beli kad parking sebelum nak keluar nanti. Fuhh.. Lega.

Ni first time saya ke USS. Suami saya dah pernah pergi sekali. Dia gila-gila promote naik Transformers ride. Dia kata sangat best, tak takut langsung, gerak sikit-sikit je. 3D effect je.. Yang paling penting, dia kata bukan roller coaster. So saya pun excited lah. Masuk USS terus pegi beratur nak naik Transformers ride. Ohh buat yang tak tahu, saya sangat lah penakut. Saya gayat.. Takut apa-apa sahaja yang laju dan ada unsur-unsur "rasa macam nak mati". Ternyata tanggapan saya tentang Transformers ride meleset.. Kene tipu lagi dengan suami........... Uwaaaaa.... Last time kat Disneyland Bangkok dah kena tipu. Ni kena lagi.. Saya admit saya sangat kagum dengan 3D effect ride tu. Memang betul-betul macam ada dalam cerita transformers. Masalahnya, ride tu sangat laju, sangat gayat dan sangat rasa macam nak mati.... Sepanjang tu saya dok cakap "bila nak habis ni bang...?" Banyak pulak tu scene dia.. Serius rasa nak cekik-cekik suamiku lepas turun ride tu. Sampai hati... Tipah tertipu lagi...

Kasi tunjuk sikit muka excited sebelum ride dan muka paksa senyum nak nangis lepas ride:

Selepas - nampak tak muka nak nangis tapi cover dengan cermin mata hitam? 
Almost semua ride dalam USS tu tak Ili Fatin friendly. Walaupun ride kanak-kanak dan nampak comel, mesti laju dan scary. Suami saya dengan kejinya ajak saya naik almost semua ride. Alhamdulillah berjaya melepaskan diri daripada naik the Mummy roller coaster dan Galactica. Siapa yang suka thrill rides, saya sangat recommend pergi USS. Suami saya sangat enjoy. Saya sangat terseksa. Enjoy gak, enjoy the time I got to spend with my husband. Oh lagi satu, makanan halal kat situ serius sedap-sedap. hehe... Nak share some photos je. Yang lain nanti tengok kat facebook saya k.

The Mummy
Abang naik Galactica dua kali... Mental ok..
Far Far Away.........
Ok dah lah tu cerita pasal USS. The next day, Sabtu kami pergi Customer day Herbalife Singapore. Berbeza dengan cara kami buat customer day di Malaysia. Ye lah setiap tempat mestilah ikut kesesuaian masyarakat kat situ kan.. Coach kami, Ain dan Musab jadi guest speaker kat situ. First time dengar dorang present in English. Comel... Dah la nama Ain jadi Ann.. Haha.. Pastu Ain dan Musab recognize kami as new GET team member yang bermula sebagai peserta Weight Loss Challenge. Segan lagi.. Haha tak biasa orang tepuk tangan kat kita. Biasa kita je yang selalu tepuk tangan untuk orang. Siap kena interview-interview lagi. huhu
Formal setting
Siap ada makan-makan after STS
Abang apekah
Semua excited nak makan
Kene interview
Hari Ahad, pagi-pagi ada Fit Club... Jom kita tengok sikit semua orang exercise....

Di rumah Sam & Jenny, our leader in Singapore, sebelum bertolak ke padang
Abang dan kawan baik dia, Abg Zaidi
Abang, Musab n Afiq. Crunch jgn tak crunch
Sedikit taklimat tentang aktiviti selepas fit club
Full of energy
Serius seronok Fit Club. Walaupun penat tapi rasa semangat.. InsyaAllah sekarang kami tengah dalam usaha untuk menambah aktiviti senaman ke dalam aktivit kami. Nantikan update ye.... 

Tengah hari tu kami semua ke MWS Studio Sam & Jenny. Dorang belanja makan nasi ayam penyet.. Kelakar kan makan makanan Indonesia kat Singapore. Pegi Singapore tak makan langsung makanan tradisi kat situ. Lepas makan ada sesi pertukaran pendapat dan pengalaman antara kami dan team Singapore. Banyak yang kami pelajari selama dua hari bersama team Singapore. Sebelum balik, sempat lagi singgah Arab Street makan murtabak. Saya sangat recommend rase ulang suara rase ye.. bukan melahap.. murtabak rusa kat kedai mamak Zamzam. Seeeeedaaappppp......... 
Teamku yang makan tak cover punye.. Kami takpe makan banyak sebab kami ada Herbalife. Wakaka gelak jahat  :p
Kami balik ke Malaysia dengan semangat baru. Nak sungguh-sungguh buat Weight Loss Challenge.. Banyak lagi boleh diperbaiki. InsyaAllah nak tolong lagi ramai orang turun berat badan dengan sihat. Turn fat into profit. Nak? Call me 0134915590 or my hubby Sabran 0142293519 yg jauh lagi terrer coach orang turun berat.. Dialah orangnya yang boleh bantu anda. Cewah..
Selamat malam............ 

Monday, 13 May 2013

My Graduation ceremony

Assalamualaikum semua.

Ade tak kening yang terangkat tengok tajuk entry kali ni? Yup... I'm here to share my graduation photos!!! I know it has been long overdue. Ke sebenarnya ramai yang tak tahu that I have actually graduated?

Why now? There are 3 reasons. 1) Saya nak share my achievement in Herbalife. Sebelum saya boleh share entry tu, saya perlu terangkan kenapa saya di Herbalife. That brings me to my second reason. 2) Saya dapat tahu ramai yang tak tahu saya dah habis belajar. 3) Ramai yang tertanya2 saya kerja kat hospital mana sekarang. So saya share di sini the happy occasion dan some penerangan what I have been doing since. Ok?

Saya habis belajar dan balik Malaysia just before raya tahun lepas, 2012. Alhamdulillah... Akhirnya!!! ^__^  Graduation saya bulan December, 5hb jam 2 petang, to be precise. Di mana? Di University of Otago, New Zealand. Was I there? Nope. Disebabkan saya dah berada di Malaysia, saya buat keputusan untuk tidak pulang ke New Zealand kerana perbelanjaan yang tinggi. Kalau saya balik sana, saya pergi graduation sorang-sorang je. Therefore, instead of going to my graduation, I've decided to bring my graduation to me. *Peace*

Macam mana pulak tu? Senang je, saya rasuah university. Haha takdelah merepek je. Saya sewa jubah graduation saya dengan deposit NZD500, lalu university hantar robe ke rumah saya di Malaysia. Jadi dapatlah saya sambut graduation saya bersama ahli keluarga saya - abang (my hubby), ibu ayah, semua adik-beradik saya kecuali Farid - adik no 5 sebab dia kerja kat Cherating. It was such a happy day. Tunjuk bukti sikit hihi:
Haha gambar makanan jugak dulu. Homemade pizzas by my younger sisters.....
Abang yang lebih bergaya haha
Abang pun sibuk nak graduate jugak. Pakai cap graduation Herbalife freshman class!!!
My beloved ibu dan ayah
Cube tengok tu ibu senyum. Bukan senang ibu nk tangkap gambar senyum betul-betul.
Formal family picture seperti biasa
Happy faces!!!!!!
Serius sangat banyak gelak waktu ni. Ni nama nye nak buat gambar lompat tapi tak jadi. haha
Serius muka bahagia
With my sisters - waktu ni control lagi
Ni antara berbelas gambar happy n gila2 yang kami ambil
Looking back at all the pictures, I only feel joy. Takde sikit pun rasa menyesal tak balik graduate kat NZ. Sangat happy hari tu. Hari yang penuh gelak ketawa dan bonding session with my family. Happy times happy times.

Oh last but not least, my degree that I've worked separuh mati (I think I can say this literally) untuk dapatkan:

So what happened then?
Disebabkan my medical condition, SPA telah meluluskan pelepasan saya daripada bertugas sebagai seorang doktor di hospital. Pihak universiti pun dah hantar surat sokongan bahawa saya tak sesuai bekerja di hospital. SPA mencadangkan supaya saya jadi lecturer atau sambung belajar dalam bidang public health atau apa-apa non-clinical field yang lain. Saya decide untuk buat public health.

Bukan public health yang conventional. Siapa yang mengenali saya pasti setuju yang I'm not your typical girl. Selalu berfikir dan membuat keputusan lain daripada orang lain. Saya pilih untuk buat Herbalife. Walaupun Herbalife adalah business, duit bukan lah keutamaan dalam Herbalife. Helping people, changing peoples' lives is the most important aspect of Herbalife. Saya rasa sama je kerja sebagai seorang doctor dengan buat Herbalife. Saya bantu orang jadi lagi sihat. Saya educate people supaya mencegah penyakit melalui pemakanan yang sihat. Kan ke prevention is better than cure... I am very happy with what I am doing right now. Saya rasa Herbalife dapat bantu sangat banyak orang. Sebab tu saya tak putus-putus share pasal Herbalife. I love Herbalife as my daily nutrition (pemakanan harian) and as my career.

Last but not least, kalau nak buat body analysis percuma, nak tengok peratus lemak dlm badan, peratus air, otot, keadaan tulang, umur badan dan visceral fat (lemak dalam pembuluh darah), boleh hubungi saya. Free je. Saya suka timbang/scan orang. Just give me a call k. 0134915590 ili/ 0142293519 sabran.

Good night.

Monday, 18 March 2013

My first Matta Fair experience

Assalamualaikum. Have you had your shake today??

Lama sangat tak menulis. Menulis dalam kepala je, tak sampai ke dalam blog. Huhu
Hari ni nak cerita pasal gi Matta Fair semalam. First time gi Matta Fair. Selalu tak pernah nak ambil kisah pun. Tak tahu pun bila Matta Fair.

Kenapa pulak kali ni pergi Matta Fair? Cuba teka..... Haaa dah tahu dah jawapan? hihi.. Sebab... nak beli tiket untuk ke Melbourne!!! Kenapa lak tiba-tiba nak gi Melbourne ni? Adeh banyak pulak soalan.. Fine sebab nak tau sangat saya cerita lah...(Perasan giler :$ haha) Macam ni..

Setiap tahun Herbalife akan organize a 5 star vacation sebagai penghargaan kepada distributor yang bekerja keras sepanjang tahun. Macam mana nak tahu distributor tu bekerja keras atau tidak? Herbalife nilai melalui volume point yang mereka jana setiap bulan. Kalau kita produce high volume every month, menunjukkan ramai orang yang kita dah tolong dari segi berat badan, kesihatan dan juga kewangan. Itulah visi Herbalife - changing people's lives. Bila kita capai level yang Herbalife tetapkan, kita dapat reward --> Vacation!!!!

Tahun ni vacation kat Melbourne!!! Sangat best! Tak sabar-sabar rasanya nak pergi. Akan ke Mount Buller untuk skiing, tengok penguin yang comel, jumpa kangaroo dan Koala... dan macam-macam lagi. Saya tak pernah lagi join Herbalife vacation sebab baru setahun jagung kan.. Orang-orang yang dah pernah qualify Herbalife vacation semua cakap Herbalife vacation tiada tandingannya. Bak kata leaders Herbalife kat Indonesia "Kita kerja keras-keras, Herbalife bayar kita keras-keras!"

" Ili dan Sabran dah qualify ke?" Jeng jeng jeng... Belum lagi.
" Dah tu kenapa gi beli tiket flight pulak? Overconfident ek?"

Kui kui kui bukan lah overconfident. Cuma nya nak jadikan flight tickets tu sebagai dorongan, penguat semangat untuk kerja lagi kuat. Sebenarnya dah seminggu lebih tak sihat. Batuk teruk susah nak tidur. So asik penat je. Sekarang dah sihat dah cuma batuk tak nak reda lagi. Mental ability kita kan kuat. So kalau mentally saya nak kerja kuat, insyaAllah badan akan turut serta. Power of positive thinking. Nak sihat! Nak kerja. So bila dah beli tiket, macam mana pun kena push diri untuk bekerja. Yeay!

Cop cop maknanya dah beli tiket Melbourne dah lah ni?? Yup!! Dah beli!!! Airasia return untuk dua orang RM2600. Berbaloi kan kena beratur dua jam? hehe..

Lahh kata orang Herbalife banyak duit, kenapa lak naik Airasia? Sebab saya suka Airasia. Lagi satu, sebab saya member, ada option untuk upgrade. Sekarang beli normal ticket dulu. InsyaAllah ada rezeki nanti boleh upgrade ke Premium Flat Bed. Sapa pernah rasa duduk kat Flat Bed tu? Sangat-sangat best.. Seat paling selesa yang saya pernah rasa. Waktu balik NZ sorang-sorang last year dapat upgrade ke Premium seat. Memang best lah!

So cana Matta Fair semalam? Best ke tak? Huhuhu saya bab lari topik memang nombor satu. Sangat ramai orang semalam. Tak sangka ramai betul orang merancang holiday. Sangat banyak booth, tak larat pun nak tengok. Tengok MAS dan Airasia je. Kat booth Airasia ni, orang beratur berlapis-lapis, berlingkar macam ular. Dah beratur sejam lebih, sampai depan counter, dia kata tak boleh pakai debit card. Apa lagi, abang kena lah sprinting pergi keluarkan cash. Abang pergi lama pulak tu. Dekat setengah jam. Buat lah muka tak malu tertungguk depan counter, hold line. Kesian orang lain kena tunggu lagi lama sebab line stuck disebabkan kami. huhu.. Segan lah gak. Takpe pengalaman. Alhamdulillah sistem pengudaraan dalam pwtc tu bagus. Tak trigger batuk saya. So walaupun penat, berjaya berdiri kat situ selama dua jam.

Ok tu je kot nak cerita hari ni. Doakan kami qualify Melbourne. Siapa nak join Herbalife vacation next year? Ask us how. Ili 0134915590 Sabran 0142293519. =)
Good night semua! Take care!